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3 Easy Steps:

1. Pre-register by clicking HERE

2. Print the Hurricanes Tryout Form and Medical Form below

3. Fill out forms and bring to tryouts 

Tryouts on June 11th will be conducted at Akzo Nobel Park - Field 10  (1600 Pinecrest Rd, Howard, WI 54313)

All tryouts after June 12th will be conducted at Akzo Nobel Park - Field 3  (1600 Pinecrest Rd, Howard, WI 54313)

Look for the Hurricanes tent for check-in.

Anticipated Team level and Coaches for 2018-19

Hurricanes 2018-19 Teams Head Coaches Assistant Coaches Tryout Dates
U8/9/10 Girls Academy Andrea Leszko/ Scott Nichols/ Matt Sheedy Mariah Katzenberger N/A
U8/9/10 Boys Academy Dan Nelson/ Patrick Birder/ Andy Hudak Luis Asibinac/ Scott Nichols N/A
U11 Girls Classic Jon Bootz Kennedy Bilse June 4th & 7th 6:45-8:15
U11 Boys Classic Eric Gebhard Nate Fritz June 4th & 6th 5:00-6:30
U12 Girls Classic I Brianna Messner Chad Fitt June 8th & 11th 6:45-8:15
U12 Girls Classic II Erin Sikora Luis Asibinac June 8th & 11th 6:45-8:15
U12 Boys Classic Patrick Birder Jamie Hodgson June 5th 6:45-8:15, June 8th 5:00-6:30
U13 Girls State Andrea Leszko Matt Sheedy June 7th 5:00-6:30, June 11th 6:45-8:15
U13 Girls Classic Matt Schiltz Mariah Katzenberger June 7th 5:00-6:30, June 11th 6:45-8:15
U13 Boys Chris Kurth Emmanuel Ekunseitan June 5th 5:00-6:30, June 8th 5:00-6:30
U14 Girls State/MRL Korey Kane Jay Steffen June 13th 6:45-8:15, June 19th 5:00-6:30
U14 Boys State Rahmi Arikan Emmanuel Ekunseitan June 15th 6:45-8:15, June 20th 5:00-6:30
U14 Girls Classic Brianna Messner TBD June 13th 6:45-8:15, June 19th 5:00-6:30
U14 Boys Classic Jon Bootz TBD June 15th 6:45-8:15, June 20th 5:00-6:30
U15 Girls State Eric Gebhard Bob Mach June 14th 5:00-6:30, June 19th 6:45-8:15
U15 Boys MRL Chris Kurth Patrick Birder June 12th 6:45-8:15, June 15th 5:00-6:30
U15/16 Boys Classic Chad Fitt Griffin Pecore U15 go to U15 dates, U16 go to U16 dates
U15/16 Girls Classic Bruce Pecore Scott Frisch U15 go to U15 dates, U16 go to U16 dates
U16 Girls State Travis Herber Mara Pfeilstifter June 14th 6:45-8:15, June 18th 5:00-6:30
U16-18 Boys State Patrick Birder Chris Kurth June 15th 5:00-6:30 June 21st 5:00-6:30
U17/18 Boys Classic Travis Lange Scott Frisch June 15th 5:00-6:30 June 21st 5:00-6:30
U17/18 Girls State Rahmi Arikan Brianna Messner June 18th & 21st 6:45-8:15
U17/18 Girls Classic Rahmi Arikan Scott Frisch June 18th & 21st 6:45-8:15
U19 Girls Classic Rahmi Arikan Clare Cuene June 18th & 21st 6:45-8:15
U18 Girls MRL Chad Johnson Eric Gebhard, Troy VanWychen June 18th & 21st 6:45-8:15
Womens Premier League Rahmi Arikan Patrick Birder Contact Eric Gebhard

Why join the Hurricanes family?

  • Year round commitment to players - Academy and select receive training opportunities all year with indoor training from January to spring included in with their registration. This last winter saw all players age 7 to 17 receive opportunities for turf time once a week.
  • Two team training sessions per week in season with a 3rd technical session offered to all teams. Goalkeeper training is also offered, seldom found in clubs in this area.
  • All levels of play welcomed. The club ranges from rec level age 3 to Midwest Regional League play for high schoolers. The club is proud to promote the love of the game for anyone wishing to play and at the same time providing high level training for our most serious and talented of players. We are a multi level club but at our heart we are a community.
  • More than just a sports club. Many of our teams are very tightly knit: They train together and socialize together. Experiences with this club will shape their lives going forward and we do our best to make the experience as fulfilling as possible. From backyard bbq's to weekend retreats to weekly yoga sessions, our families are our club and our club is a family.
  • Each select team has a tournament fund that allows up to 4 tournaments between fall and spring: No other clubs offer that amount.
  • Our fields are second to none. With 10 fields at Akzo Nobel and 7 at Spring Green nobody in the area or state can offer the same. The village of Howard takes great pride in the upkeep of the fields and we are able to practice weeks earlier than most clubs in the spring.
  • Opportunities for our athletes beyond soccer play. With our junior coaching initiative and our referee program we offer an avenue for the kids to mentor younger players, see the game in a different light, learn the value of volunteering their time and growing as a person.
  • Licensed coaches with high quality trainers added regularly. Under the guidance of DOC Eric Gebhard the club is hard at work adding to our coaching staff with young area college and professional players. 

General Information

  • Tryouts are for the 2018 (fall) and 2019 (spring) soccer season
    • U11 to U13 boys and girls will take place starting June 1st
    • U14 to U18 boys and girls will take place starting June 8th
  • See the Age Eligibility and Tryout Schedule below to determine the specific tryout times for your son/daughter
  • Most age groups will have two day tryouts (see Tryout Schedule).  Players are encouraged to attend both days 
  • All tryouts will be conducted at Akzo Nobel Park  (160 Pinecrest Road, Howard, WI 54313)
  • The Registration Tent will be setup for check in
  • Tryouts are free

Email  Select VP Scott Frisch or DOC Eric Gebhard with any tryout related questions.

Age Eligibility

Players are to tryout for their birth year as follows:

Birth Year

Tryout Age


















If players wish to play up, then they must attend both tryouts, one for their own age and one for the age they wish to play on.  Each player wishing to play up will be discussed on an individual basis to place them at the level which will help the player in question own development.

      5:00-6:30pm 6:45-8:15pm
MONDAY 04-Jun   U11B U11 G 
TUESDAY 05-Jun   U13 B  U12 B 
WEDNESDAY 06-Jun   U11 B   
THURSDAY 07-Jun   U13 G  U11 G 
FRIDAY 08-Jun   U12 B  U13B U12 G 
SUNDAY 10-Jun     Make Up  11-13
MONDAY 11-Jun     U12G / U13G
TUESDAY 12-Jun     U15 B 
WEDNESDAY 13-Jun     U14 G
THURSDAY 14-Jun   U15G  U16 G 
MONDAY 18-Jun   U16 G  U17-19 G 
TUESDAY 19-Jun   U14 G  U15 G 
WEDNESDAY 20-Jun   U14 B   
THURSDAY 21-Jun   U16-19B U17-19G 
FRIDAY 22-Jun OFFERS TO U14 TO U19 PLAYERS Supplemental Tryouts for Select Ages Sunday, Jun 24th   


*U18 Girls – We anticipate having 1 Midwest Regional League (MRL) Team 
**U19 Girls – State Level Team and 1 Classic Level Team

***U15 Boys-  We anticipate having a Midwest Regional Team and a 15 Classic Boys Team

****U14 Boys , U13 Girls, U14 Girls, U15 Girls  – State Level and Classic level Team at each



U11-U13 Boys & Girls – Noon on Friday, June 15th

U14-19 Boys & Girls – Noon on Friday, June 22nd

*Please see additional offer details below.

Alternative Tryout Dates:

If your son or daughter is unable to make the above tryout dates assigned to their age group, please contact Scott Frisch at to come up with an alternative tryout date. Thank you!

Can't Make Tryouts?

The best case scenario is for a player to be evaluated with the players they are competing for team placement. While not ideal, if a player is unable to attend the regularly scheduled tryout times they have a couple options:

  • Attend a make-up day, which can be used for those players who have conflicts with their scheduled tryout. (Make-up days listed in schedule above)
  • Attend a tryout for a similar age group.

Email Scott Frisch if you plan to attend one of the alternate Tryout Dates. 

Please make every attempt to attend the regularly scheduled tryout times.

The Tryout Process

  • Players should bring a water bottle and ball with them to the tryout.
  • Each age bracket will have 2 days of tryouts. Day 1 will be small sided games. Day 2 will be 9v9 or 11v11, depending on the age group.  
  • During tryout sessions, players will be evaluated on four key areas: 
    • Psycholgical
    • Technical
    • Tactical
    • Athletic Ability


The following dates were decided by our governing leagues, East Central Soccer and Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA)

  • May 18th = Open promotion: Period two weeks prior to the first allowable tryout date in which a representative of the club may initiate contact with the parent(s) of a player to promote the club.
  • June 1st = First allowable date of tryouts for U11 - U13 teams
  • June 8th = First allowable date of tryouts for U14+ teams
  • June 15th = First date that offers can be made at noon for U11 - U13 teams.
  • June 22nd = First date that offers can be made at noon for U14+ teams.

Offers to Play/Team Assignments

  • The first date an offer can be made to a player is June 15, 2018 at noon (for U11-U13 players) and June 22nd at noon (for U14+players) 
  • A member of the United Hurricanes Board will send an email at noon on those dates to notify players.  Players offered a spot have 24 hours to respond via email if they accept or decline.  If no response is received after 24 hours, the club can then offer that spot to a player on the waiting list. All players will be contacted regardless of result.

Tryout selection will be based on three inputs:

  1. Tryout Personnel will include Challenger Coaches and other Assistant Evaluators - Assistant Evaluators will be derived from UH coaches who do not have a vested interest in the team they are evaluating
  2. Current Select Coach Input - Select Coaches will be asked to fill out an evaluation form on every player and these evaluations will be strongly considered in the team formation process
  3. Board - Team Formation Meetings -Any Board member with a vested interest in a team being evaluated, will step out of the room for their team formation

Expected Commitment

  • The regular competitive soccer season takes place in the spring.  Practices begin in early April and games begin the last week of April or first week of May.  Each team typically has one league game per week until the end of June.
  • Teams also have the option of playing a fall soccer season (when available).  After teams are formed following tryouts, each team will be surveyed to gauge interest if the team would like to play in the fall.
  • Teams practice twice a week during the season. 
  • United Hurricanes Club teams typically attend 3-4 tournaments (the entry fee for the tournaments is built into the registration fee). 
  • The club also offers winter training sessions (beginning in January) in which players can get extra touches on the ball. Teams usually have 1-2 training sessions per week during January through March.  Indoor Leagues and Futsol are available during the winter months.  The winter training program is encouraged but not required.